Appellate Law

The Southern Atlantic Law Group is available for effective representation in both state and federal appeals, including appeals in family law matters, criminal cases, and civil litigation matters.  The attorneys at Southern Atlantic Law Group bring the unique combination of both trial court and appellate experience, which provides the ability to efficiently and effectively assess the relative strengths and weaknesses of a client’s appellate issues.  We pride ourselves in our comprehensive legal research capabilities and strong written advocacy. Because the majority of appeals do not result in oral arguments, these skills are important for a client to consider when selecting an  appellate attorney.

At the Southern Atlantic Law Group, we understand the final arbiters of an appeal are the appellate judges, not a jury of lay persons as is the case in a jury trial.  Our appellate attorneys understand who the ultimate audience will be in a client’s appellate matter and the lens through which the decision-maker will view the case, often from the perspective of ensuring uniformity in the law.  With this in mind we tailor each step of appellate representation, including the manner in which our briefs are drafted and oral arguments prepared, toward the final decision-makers to provide clients the best possible chance of success in their case.

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